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Retroactive Fraud Prevention

After fraud occurs, we hop in a turnstile and prevent it from ever happening.

Simulated Budgets

We simulate all the budgets for you, no red pill or bullet dodging required.

Free Banking

We offer our banking completely free. No taxes, fees, charges, or strings attached!

Fantastic Loans.

Forget fees, dues, taxes, or charges. Our loans are completely free, you don't even have to pay them back for the first 5,961,600 seconds!

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Yearly Account Balance Growth


Daily Growth

100 Billion


250 Billion


Simple and easy pricing.

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Everything included.


We don't give out refunds, so don't bother asking.

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We're a bank. A really, really fake bank.

It is more effective to prevent scammer detection with a landing page than to just have a login screen. Also its funnier.

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That isn't a question, and the answer is no.

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